Intriguing article on how hard it is to run for Congress. This really relates to all public offices, but this article starts off by saying that “nearly 40 percent of Congress are Millionaires…” it shouldn’t be hard to imagine how tough it would be to run against a millionaire. Read this article to get an idea of some of the struggles of running for public office.    Read More →

Dave Strider for US Senate Washington State Question 32 So hey Everybody! David Strider IS the Candidate of TRUTH!  IF you resonate with the TRUTH of the message, I do not care where you live, what your do (unless you are with the NSA or an Oligarch media hit squad) please click the link and visit Dave’s site and leave FIVE Bucks (Or whatever) to help the Candidate of TRUTH set people straight. BTW If we do not get 60 (or even a whole lot more) present of the eligible voters to vote the Oligarch criminal Donor Class will continue to STEAL our retirements, theRead More →

And here it is>>>> Dave Strider: Political Independent with no current party affiliation, solidly positioned against the establishment of both major parties due to the 40 years of expanding corruption on both sides of the aisle. Quotes: “education doesn’t make the man… it is what the man has done with what he has learned, that makes him a man. Does he walk in what is true? If he does then all he says and lives becomes a path others may follow.” “if you are afraid of losing something, you never had it in the first place.” Elected Experience: Appointed and elected as PTA president. TookRead More →

Dave Strider is the Progressive Independent for US Senate in Washington State. He is Running Against the Establishment and going ALL-IN to Fight for YOU Americans in the 99% & NOT for the Political Profiteers who betrayed us all in Philly in 2016. I have endorsed him and ask you, for openers, to invest 2 1/2 minutes in watching this video. Then ask yourself Who do I know in Washington that needs to vote for Dave? Will you PLEASE share this with THEM? Thank YOU in advance for your help to take our futures back from those who have sold us down the river forRead More →

David Strider I do not know everything about the MMT, but I do know what I thought I knew was incorrect. MMT is the cornerstone of my fiscal equation going into public office. I know this as well, debt for the public spending is not debt, but an investment in the people and the nation. also while I am at it and other things> lets talk how we are gonna spend our resources in the future, >single payer, elimination of student debt, repeal of current marijuana classification, Major Judicial Reform from speed traps to the SCOTUS, re-purpose our military, VA Budget same as the war budget(andRead More →