12/13/2017- A new voice


A wave of young people hitting the streets,
Progress in mind,
Liberty with purpose for all,
Can you feel it?
Did you hear it?
It has always been there,
You would have heard it had you listened.
poster provided by Dexter English
this poster, portrait  how ever you decide is the future.
Today’s youth will be tomorrows leaders, whether you accept it or not.
I chose to accept, all they want is the truth.
that is all I ever wanted.
dave strider candidate for us senate your independent choice



  1. strider to the rescue
    the fist bump has been secured

  2. You’re amazing and you continue to surprise me in the best ways. thank you

  3. This is it folks. Time to pack it up. You can’t get better then this.

  4. Your an amazing gift to us all keep doing what you’re doing

  5. You are literally the best, thank you for existing.

  6. You… know… Homestuck?! I suppose that’s good, because a lot of the people voting for you will likely be aware you share a popular character in it’s name, and that could definitely help your campaign out.

  7. I believe this man is sent here from God himself.

    1. Author

      Jade, if there is something that you want to say and that is the poster /img you want to use. I like it. A campaign is not someone who knows it all but someone who listens to all.

  8. didn’t expect to ever see you post an actual image of homestuck dave but it’s now happened. thank you dave strider for u.s. senate to be the coolest dave strider to have ever dave stridered

    1. Author

      hhahaha or if in Thailand 555 pronounced hahaha. my kids told they knew about homestuck. when I mentioned the postings here. and as for posting the img.
      when I talk to people. It is important that I recognize what they are doing and what they say. Just like you did me. dave

    1. Author

      Yep sure do and I was also a character in a Neil Simon “prisoner of 2d ave” mel Edison.
      pleasure to meet you.

  9. I just have to know if you’re aware of where that poster comes from
    if not, I won’t say it
    but if so, good on you, sir

    1. Author

      yes Taylor I do.
      and I will say because of my name I have recvd a very warm welcome.

  10. thank you dave strider, i love you and wish you the best

  11. You are amazing and you have my vote, D Stride

  12. You know about it, don’t you. That poster. YOU KNOW

  13. Is this real??? Am I having a fucking stroke???? I hope this guy wins so I can add a reason to fucking end it.

    1. Author

      words to a song, “cant remember the artist was” someone else’s beginning is someone else’s end. I don’t think we end, we live in a reality we have no clue what it is or when it happens. We either reincarnate, transfer, evolve into or somewhere we cannot imagine. I can wait don’t want to rush things like to see some real good things happen in this life for humanity.
      2037 The Striders, will be here 300 years. Wanna Party with me?

  14. thanks for the meme dave. thanks for accepting the homestuck into your life. thank you.

    1. Author

      your welcome John.
      You realize some of you will be doing this gig one day. Something about helping others while not expecting even thank you in return.
      This group asking questions, wanting to learn/understand. I don’t have hope for you guys. I believe in you and trust you when you take off on your life path.
      A path in life doesn’t begin after graduation, it begins when you choose.

  15. im gonna fucking cry this is terrifying and also amazing

    1. Author

      lets start out with misty for now And cry real good when we win the Primary and General in 2018.
      then we ROCK

  16. How is no one commenting on the poster

    1. Author

      you mean the unity one? I borrowed and shared the hell out of it with words this group inspired.

  17. Wait are you an actual real person or am I dreaming. Your views and standpoints are so inspiring. Strider for Senate! #striderpride

    1. Author

      Halexander Strider,
      not dreaming is ok because we really can make change.
      I am A Marine. count on it
      Thanks you so very much.

  18. sweet jegus I can’t believe this is real, but I’m also hilariously thrilled that this is real

    1. Author

      well buckle-up Madness, its real bring a boom box or someone who does and make it loud!

  19. Mr Strider first of all I agree with your message. On an unrelated note: the poster that was given to you by Dexter was in fact a photo from the popular webcomic Homestuck. In the story there is a character that shares your name. He is the man wearing sunglasses in the photo above. Personally I do not think you should change it. I just wanted you to know.

    1. Author

      anything that is shared to me, I do not change or modify with credit given to the one who shared it to me. I have some music copyrights and I respect yours.

  20. H4H4 H3LL Y34H DUD3!

  21. I’m nearly on the brink of tears. This is just too good to be true.

    I turn 18 in March, and you have my vote.

    1. Author

      Rose Baker, that is very good news! I remember the first time I got to vote.
      if you and a friend want to go door to door with me that would be great!
      let me know, I have an EV that gets good mileage

  22. You have kind of been blowing up on social media because of homestuck. And i’m glad because you have good policies. keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      thanks for the support and please speak your mind if I step out of line.

    1. Author

      Nate, thanks.
      are you in WA? and would you consider if you were to go door to door in your area?
      if so call the HQ or drop a line here –

  23. Thank you for your existance and willingness to know about the sin (that I hold close to my heart ) that linked to you

    1. Author

      Just Someone,
      I am deeply flattered by your comment and confession.
      I will say this, I am committed as the servant to many.

  24. no wwords… sweet jegus is this real? wwell memed

    1. Author

      Eridan Ampora, you showing up didn’t require words.
      Yes, “Homestuck” and the Senate race.
      two ships in the night marvelous admiration, for the direction taken by both.

  25. omg i love this so much (,:

    1. Author

      Karkat Vantas, a mutual feeling more should express. It might be a better world.
      Thank you

  26. You, sir, are a blessing. If I lived in Washington, you’d have my vote in a heartbeat. Wish you all the best – running independent isn’t the easiest thing these days, but your amazing policies as well as your personality really shine through so I really hope you get elected!

    1. Author

      It is so cool you do live in WA. I have an idea if you think it would be accepted. I had mentioned to my daughter, she did my tumblr acct.
      do you think my counter-part would walk around know on doors, like cosplay? did I get that right?
      we could also video it as well.
      you thoughts

  27. oh gog i love you dave. thank you so much for existing, and always remember to check your apple juice, because you never know, it might be piss.

    1. Author

      ROTFLMAO that is hilarious. I don’t think I have to worry about it unless I am drifting water world ( now if all the ice caps melted would the ocens be les salty?
      the other side of the story is No space travel scheduled in the near future
      terezi, thanks for the good laugh. We all need that

  28. I do belive you have won the Homestuck vote, Mr. Strider. Congratulations.

    1. Author

      Tawny, for all of you in WA. wanna go knock on doors?
      as for the “Homestuck” vote, a fresh breath of fresh air.
      thank you.

  29. Mr Strider, you are a truly wonderful man and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you achieve everything that you want. Unfortunately as I’m not a US resident it’s not my place to vote for you, but from everything I have read on your beliefs and manifesto I wholeheartedly support you in spirit. Should your fictional counterpart be watching over you I know that he would be proud to share your name. 🙂

    1. Author

      Red, that is ok you have graced this page with your comment and support/
      Yes it is an American election
      and Yes it is one for humanity

    1. Author

      one of our own making.
      when we talk truth, the timeline is ours.
      therefore we all re alpha

  30. i love you so much man this shit is so fucking wild but i support you and you actually have decent viewpoints on top of the homestuck thing like. god damn theres so many layers to this i dont know if you can even understand how weird this is. this is surreal it feels like a fucking fever dream thank you so much for this and your parents for cursing you with your name.

    1. Author

      The important thing aside from, thank you for your comment Cole, is this. the way the governments of this world including mine see you and I as fodder for their wars and cheap workers, all they can throw away without a blink of an eye
      I curse but don’t consider my name one, probably you will hear “that fucking dave strider” that is all cool we have got their attention.

  31. im from texas but i do want you to win your campaign. i wish you luck

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