I’m Dave Strider, and I’m running for US Senate as an independent candidate.

I’m running for US Senate to fight for common sense policies that benefit our country. I will bring back jobs, provide affordable healthcare, and put an end to corruption. I will also work to protect the rights of Women and minorities.

Working for you.

Dave Strider is a US Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, and father of four. He’s also the only candidate in the race who has given up a career so that others may have an opportunity. Dave is running for US Senate because he believes that Washington needs more people like him: people who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means going against the establishment.

I’m running for US Senate because I believe in the power of a democracy. I want to serve my community and make sure that your voices are heard. I’m not a politician. I am however your public servant. If you’re tired of the same old promises and don’t feel like your part OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE? Then take a stand and let your voice be heard! STRIDER 4 US SENATE!

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I care about the important issues that affect the lives of, by and for the People!

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82 Main St. Brooklyn, NY

October 24, 2021